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Tomas Maier Designs Bottega Veneta’s First Home Collection

Mar. 16, 2015

Eighteenth-century Italian palazzos never disappoint, which might be why Bottega Veneta chose one to house its first-ever home store. The Palazzo Gallarati Scotti in Milan, an architectural beauty with tiled floors, plaster walls, and original 18th-century frescoes, will show off the brand’s dinnerware, furniture, frames, pillows, lighting, and more—categories that it’s been expanding since creative director Tomas Maier designed the company’s first bench in 2006. Of the process, Maier told, “The evolution of our home collection has been purposefully gradual and deliberate, as we have never been interested in doing anything flashy or of-the-moment.”

The grand, neoclassical setting makes BV’s clean, minimalist furniture appear all the more covetable—not that it needs the help. “Some of these new pieces are more rustic than others, more refined,” Maier said, “but each one is versatile, functional, and beautifully crafted to last a lifetime.” Now all you need is a casual palazzo in which to store your Bottega Veneta furniture—until then, your regular living space will just have to do. 

Source: Style

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