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Cenote basin by Patricia Urquiola for Agape | 1

Cenote basin by Patricia Urquiola for Agape

Apr. 24, 2024

Dezeen Showroom: designer Patricia Urquiola brings the textured look and feel of clay to bathroom sinks with the Cenote washbasin, created for Italian brand Agape.

The Cenote washbasin draws inspiration from the ancient Mayans, who considered the rocky natural waterholes known as cenotes as both water sources and places of spiritual significance.

The Cenote basin is made of hand-moulded clay

Here, Urquiola reinterprets the idea in two ways, one version in fireclay and the other in lava stone.

The original Cenote basin is made on a potter’s wheel and showcases the rough texture of natural- or dark-coloured clay on its exterior, while the interior contrasts it with a glossy glaze that is either transparent, off-white or a Mexican-inspired blue.

The interior is glazed for a contrasting effect

The Cenote Lava, meanwhile, is made of Sicilian lava stone, which is cut with a CNC machine to achieve a monolithic and sculptural appearance.

“Urquiola’s design celebrates that human component in a synthesis of thought and skilled craftsmanship, generating an object of living, timeless beauty,” said Urquiola.

The Cenote washbasins are available in both freestanding and over-counter styles.

Product details:

Product: Cenote
Designer: Patricia Urquiola
Brand: Agape

Material: refractory clay or lava stone
Colours/finishes: natural/transparent, natural/off-white, dark/transparent, dark/blue
Dimensions: 420 x 164 millimetres

Dezeen Showroom

Source: DEZEEN

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