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“Midnight Sunrise” by Isabel Martinez

Jul. 25, 2018

Midnight Sunrise
October 2018
Isabelita Virtual
Presented with Advertising Week and The ADVERTISING Club of NY

Isabelita Virtual (the nom d’Insta of advertising Creative Director Isabel Martinez) works to communicate her vision of the world through simple but impactful images. Her Instagram posts transport her 682K followers to a beautiful, unexpected, and sometimes surreal universe of ideas and emotions in which concept, color, mystery, and femininity rule.

“I started to attract people’s attention by posting my work on social media through the small screen of a smartphone, so I am thrilled to have this opportunity to experiment with a large format and showcase my art on the biggest public platform in the world.”
– Isabelita Virtual

Midnight Sunrise brings a color gradient into motion, shifting slowly from a deep midnight blue through a spectrum inspired by the sky during sunrise. At three minutes to midnight, when the sky is dark but the screens are bright in Times Square, you can look up, breathe deep and watch the darkness become the light. This digital work, a natural occurrence at an unnatural time, invokes a physical experience – a calm, contemplative moment in one of the most frenetic locations in the city that never sleeps. Simultaneously a visual poem and a minimalist ode to ephemeral experience, the video installation uses the power of color to raise questions about time and space.

Midnight Sunrise is a globally inclusive concept: everything is connected. I considered this every single night as I was falling asleep in my NYC apartment. As my day was ending, a new day was beginning on the horizon in Barcelona, where I was born. This artwork is a reflection on humanity’s deep need of quiet, paradoxically providing a moment of inner peace in the center of Times Square.”
– Isabelita Virtual

Midnight Sunrise was chosen as the Midnight Moment for October 2018 through an open call by Times Square Arts in partnership with Advertising Week and The ADVERTISING Club of NY requesting proposals of original art by artists working in the advertising industry.

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