Soundwalk Collective

SOUNDWALK is an international sound collective based in New York City.  Founded in the early 2000s by Stephan Crasneanscki, Soundwalk made its name by producing cutting-edge audio guides, mixing fiction and reality to provide an exclusive and poetic discovery of a city, on the bridge between Bauderlairian stroll and cinematic experience.

Critically-acclaimed, Soundwalk has won several accolades including the Audie Award in 2009 for the Beijing and Shanghai Louis Vuitton series, as well as the Dalton Pen Award in 2005 for the Ground Zero Sonic Memorial with Paul Auster, and 2004 Audie Award for the Bronx Soundwalk with Afrika Bambaataa.
During the past 10 years, Soundwalk has collected, distilled and re-interpreted sounds from all over the world to create immersive sound journeys, radically moderin in their conception.  Soundwalk’s art projects range from site-specific installations to geo-specific performances that include sound, video and custom made objects.

Recent projects highlight a theme of location-based sonic frescoes, collecting layers of sound hidden in the landscape to uncover records of human activity: migration routes, clandestine activity, the anthropological story of communities in flux.  These sounds are placed against the natural acoustics of the landscape, uniting the untold stories hidden in the ether with the abiding persistence of place.  Ulysses Syndrome retraces Ulysses’ voyage on the Mediterranean, Eternal Hell in the Rub’ Al Khali desert, Bessarabia Ghost Tapes in Eastern Europe, The Black Sea retraces the voyage Jason and the Argonauts – these projects represent a new narrative of sound installations and performances for Soundwalk.

Soundwalk has performed and exhibited at leading museums and cultural institutions around the world, such Centre Pompidou in Paris, MADRe Museum of Contemporary Art in Napoli, Shanghai World Expo, Abu Dhabi Biennial of Art, Maison des Arts de Creteil, and Chanel Mobile Art.