NAÏVY by Coco Capitán

Naïvy has captivated Coco Capitán for over a decade. Navigating themes of adventure, belonging and loss of innocence, the series pays tribute to an imagined nautical universe, one peopled by Capitán’s ‘Lost Naïvy’ sailors. But these are not seamen as we know them; although they don the traditional sailor suit of an American Second World War sailor, their naked lower halves signal a departure, embodying the paradox of desiring both collective belonging and individualistic freedom.

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Coco Capitán, install shots-2 copy

Anchored in her ever-evolving photography practice, the show exhibits for the first time the fifty definitive photographs of the artist’s now complete Naïvy series, complemented by a range of artist-embellished found objects.

Coco Capitán, install shots-16 copy _DSC1827HR