Over 20 years after famously working with Diesel on its iconic ‘kissing sailors’ ad, which positioned the company in a culture of growing political and social awareness, celebrated photographer and filmmaker David LaChapelle created the famous ‘Make Love Not Walls’ campaign for the Italian fashion house. In collaboration with Diesel and developed with Anomaly Amsterdam, LaChapelle’s award-winning multidisciplinary campaign launched with photography, a short film, and installations that traveled around the globe, putting forward a timely message that paid tribute to inclusion, love, diversity, and fraternity.

Selection of campaign imagery Diesel ‘ Make Love Not Walls’

“It’s easy for many to question whether the world of fashion campaigns are the right spaces to discuss political and social issues. However, when dissecting campaigns such as this one, it’s clear that it’s far from a frivolous, throwaway statement. In difficult times, positive messages are key and David LaChapelle has a skill of taking in the current climate and turning it around into powerful imagery which can have a profound impact.”

-- i-D Magazine

Behind the Scenes


Over the course of three days shooting in the California desert after an extensive set build, LaChapelle and his team of longtime collaborators captured natural, real moments of joy to create a romantic and colorful expression of the Diesel brand.

Behind-the scenes of the set design
Behind-the scenes of the set design
Behind-the scenes of the set design

"It was David’s idea to have a rainbow tank. The tank is now a symbol of hope, a machine that used to divide now unites us!"

-Nicola Formichetti, Artistic Director, Diesel

"The debuting of such a powerful message comes at a time when many of us are questioning, quite frankly, just what the hell is going on in the world."

-Dazed Magazine
Campaign printed activations
Diesel make love not walls billboard
Campaign printed activations
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“From our David LaChapelle campaign featuring two sailors kissing in 1995 until now, Diesel has always and will continue to push boundaries.”

-Renzo Rosso, Founder, Diesel
David LaChapelle famously worked with Diesel in 1995, on the iconic “kissing sailors” ad, which positioned the company in a culture of growing political and social awareness.
Press on the advertising campaign

“Advertising subconsciously supplies us with constant messages and if those can be positive, diverse and representative of how we want the world on the other side of the billboard to look, then why not?”

-i-D Magazine