Gucci by Coco Capitán

Fusing personal experiences with a spontaneous sense of composition, Coco Capitán’s signature hand-written prose, poems and aphorisms reflect a culturally pertinent tone, defined by its oscillation between irony and sincerity, naïveté and knowingness, relativism and truth, optimism and doubt.

Catching the eye of creative director Alessandro Michele while Capitán was still in art school, Gucci featured a selection of her otherworldly musings on a limited- edition collection of apparel and accessories, which organically grew into a multi-faceted collaboration between the emerging artist and the globally recognizable luxury brand.

“I think words are very precious, and if put together in the right order they can create a linguistic masterpiece that feels like your favorite painting.”

-Coco Capitán
Gucci x Coco Capitán collection Spring Summer 2017
Jason Lloyd Evans;poets
Gucci x Coco Capitán collection Spring Summer 2017
Coco Capitán x Gucci collection campaign
Coco Capitán x Gucci collection campaign

“One thing I really appreciate about Gucci [x Coco Capitán] is how it managed to create a consistent visual narrative throughout Instagram, digital, and its collections.”

-Jian DeLeon, Highsnobiety
Coco Capitàn x Gucci art wall during Art Basel Miami Beach

“As a result of Michele’s undeniable creativity, the Miami boutique is one that is sure to entice and feel personal to Gucci’s devoted shoppers.”

-V Magazine
Asap Rocky
A$AP Rocky wearing Coco Capitán x Gucci
Alessandro Michele wearing Coco Capitán x Gucci
Jared Leto wearing Coco Capitán x Gucci
Devon Windsor wearing Coco Capitán x Gucci
Coco Capitán wearing Coco Capitán x Gucci
Olivia Culpo wearing Coco Capitán x Gucci

“I think that in the context of fashion, it’s really easy to create images, or content in general, that are empty of meaning. In this collaboration specifically, because it’s text in an industry that mainly works with images, the most important thing is that you are delivering a message.”

-Coco Capitán



Furthering the connection between brand and art, Gucci launched its ‘Gucci Places’ program featuring a network of locations connected to Gucci, all of which possess the quality of being able to surprise, arouse interest and inspire a creative response. The house tapped Capitán to present Seoul as a Gucci Place during her exhibit at the Daelim Museum, sending her with an instant camera to document the city and encourage people to discover interesting and unexpected stories, and become part of the brand community.