Artist + Photographer


Coco Capitán’s meteoric rise as a 27-year-old multi-disciplinary artist whose artistic practice has taken form in a number of mediums ranging from photography, film, and installation to painting and handwritten work reveals a comprehensive perspective into the artist’s creative universe.

Born in Spain and currently living in London, Capitán completed her MA (Master of Fine Arts) at the Royal College of Art. Combining intimacy and playfulness with subtle social critique, her inquisitive and conceptual photographs and imagination-based paintings adopt an innate understanding of form, atypical color scheme and composition, while her signature handwritten aphorisms fuse sincere, inquisitive and emotionally honest statements culturally relevant to the times we live in today.

Purple Magazine: 'The Multiverse'
Purple Magazine: 'The Multiverse'
Interview Magazine
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 5.39.47 PM
Interview Magazine

“Coco Capitán is many things to many people: artist on the rise, anointed fashion photographer, Gucci collaborator, and prominent member of the ‘female gaze’ generation.”

- L’Officiel Magazine USA
M Le magazine du Monde: Javier Bardem
M Le magazine du Monde: Javier Bardem
Self Service Magazine: 'The Deconstructed'
Self Service Magazine: 'The Deconstructed'
Vogue Spain: 30th Anniversary
Vogue Spain: 30th Anniversary

“Something about her work does just click with people. So what is it about Coco’s work that we like so much? Well, her work is funny and joyful, inquisitive and conceptual, full of wry humour and emotional honesty.”

-i-D Magazine
A.P.C. campaign
Converse campaign with Tyler, the Creator
Dior campaign
Dior campaign
Maje campaign
‘If You’ve Seen It All. Close your Eyes.’ published by Chose Commune

Handwritten Prose


Fusing personal experiences with a spontaneous sense of composition, Capitán’s trademark handwritten prose, poems and aphorisms reflect a culturally pertinent tone, defined by its oscillation between irony and sincerity, naïveté and knowingness, relativism and truth, optimism and doubt.

Her first entirely prose-based book, ‘If You’ve Seen It All. Close your Eyes.’ presents extracts from a decade of Capitán’s handwritten notebooks, combining the serious with the mundane as she shares social, metaphorical and sentimental moments with her witty tone and distinctive hand.

“What I like about words, is that you are not putting an image in the mind of another person. You are allowing for them to create their own image, based on the words that you are giving them. I paint with words.”

-Coco Capitán
Coco Capitan x GLCE - shirt 2
Coco Capitán x Galeries Lafayette collection
Coco Capitán x Camper collection
Coco Capitán x The Skateroom for Galeries Lafayette Champs Élysées
Coco Capitán x The Skateroom for Galeries Lafayette Champs Élysées
Hyundai x Coco Capitán
Hyundai x Coco Capitán
Coco Capitán x Benetton
Coco Capitán x Benetton
Artist talk at Galaxy Harajuku / Tokyo, Japan
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ x Coco Capitán film campaign

“Photography is at the heart of her practice, but it’s not the only thing that she does; she makes paintings, she makes text pieces, she makes installations, she makes film. To me, she is an exemplar of the way that younger artists have understood what photography can be. She stands for a kind of freedom and confidence.”

-Simon Baker, Director, MEP
painting of blue sky falling into blue ocean1
“Painting of Blue Sky Falling Into Blue Ocean”
sinking in the bath no margin
“Sinking in the Bath”
Print fabrication for Daelim Museum, Seoul
Print fabrication for Daelim Museum, Seoul
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‘Busy Living’ museum catalogue published by Loose Joints



Ever prolific, Capitán has published several best-selling books: ‘Middle Point Between My House and China,’ and ‘If You’ve Seen It All. Close your Eyes,’ which launched with a book signing at Galeries Lafayette’s Champs-Élysées store in Paris, in addition to museum catalogues, ‘Busy Living’ and ‘Is It Tomorrow Yet?’

‘Is It Tomorrow Yet?’ museum catalogue
‘Middle Point Between My House & China’