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Yi Zhou for Milan Expo 2015 | 1

Yi Zhou for Milan Expo 2015

May. 1, 2015

From May 1, 2015, multimedia artist Yi Zhou will be displaying a new work at the Expo Gate during Milan Universal Exhibition with a public projection in front of the Castello Sforzesco. The work consists of a video illustrating the main theme of the Expo 2015: Feeding the planet, energy for life.

The theme tackles the omnipresent question facing us as a global society; we are now more than 7 billion people, what are the solutions to our problems?

Many countries are bringing their solutions to the Expo, in the same way Yi Zhou has used her creativity to contribute to the discussion.

The video entitled “Think” explores key themes of the Expo about the environment, green, femininity, technology and innovation – all done in a poetic language that mixes dream with reality.

Using advanced 3D technologies, Yi Zhou’s latest creation harmoniously mixed virtual, natural and human elements.

“I imagine a future with no harm, no pain, no war, no tricks, no hatred. I imagine a future of being full of blossoms, water, energy, positivity, food and love.”

—Yi Zhou

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