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Wes Lang on the Omega New York Seamaster

May. 28, 2019

Since I moved to L.A. six years ago, not many things have made me miss New York. Then I unboxed this limited-edition Omega New York Seamaster. The smoky-gray dial, with this beautiful, somber light coming off it, reminds me of riding into Manhattan and seeing the Empire State Building in the late ’70s.

Every time the wind changes direction, brands release limited-edition watches. This one stands out. The Seamaster was Omega’s first line of civilian watches, inspired by timepieces made for British airmen and sailors during World War II. Most people know it as a modern sports watch with a big bezel—like the dive watches James Bond wears.

This watch is closer to what the original Seamaster looked like when it was introduced in 1948. It’s difficult to find a timepiece with a simple, ’40s-inspired design that doesn’t read super “retro,” but the N.Y.C. Seamaster is unmistakably modern. At 39.5 mm, it’s got a real presence. It’s no tiny dress watch that disappears under your jacket sleeve.

Source: GQ

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