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Vincent Leroy distorts Iris van Herpen’s ‘Hypnosis’ collection through a magnifying lens

Mar. 19, 2020

Edited by: Lynne Myers

Bringing the worlds of art and fashion together in beautiful collision, french artist Vincent Leroy has teamed up with iris van Herpen for an immersive and surreal photoshoot in Paris. the collaboration showcases the dutch fashion designer’s ‘hypnosis’ collection through the giant magnifying glass of Leroy’s ‘slow lens’ installation. combining optical motion with laser-cut fabrics, the resulting images capture a distorted yet poetic vision of the clothing pieces.

By placing Leroy‘s slow lens installation in front of the models, the intricate details of the hypnosis collection are revealed, from the fine craftsmanship to bold laser cut lines. the dresses are magnified, distorted, multiplied and refracted as the installation slowly rotates. as the lens makes the viewer focus on each fold and curve of the fabric, the dresses take on an ethereal and surreal sensibility, as if they were somehow detached from the real world and its physical constraints.

Alongside Iris van Herpen‘s designs and Vincent Leroy’s installation, the project also enlisted the artistic flair of Norway-born, London-based fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø. Thanks to Sundsbø’s experimental style and post production work, the incredible alchemy between different artistic sensibilities is documented through brilliant imagery.

Source: designboom

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