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Tobie Giddio for SHOWStudio’s “Illustrating McQueen” | 1

Tobie Giddio for SHOWStudio’s “Illustrating McQueen”

Mar. 13, 2015

Tobie Giddio was commissioned by SHOWStudio to pay homage to one of Alexander McQueen’s most pivotal designs. She says, “This drawing is entitled, “Hidden Place”. While I was drawing this the song “Hidden Place” by Bjork from the Vespertine album came on and I felt it was quite fitting as the title and captured the feeling of what I was portraying with this reference. A Victorian woman with gorgeous sensuality pulsating and moving through her in a somewhat contained space. She has tamed her desire for the time being, yet there is no denying it’s presence and power. Her breasts are exposed, she is voluptuous, the shapes swirling within and through her while she is still and poised.”

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