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studio drift’s ‘EGO’ is a handwoven object capable of changing shape and state

Jan. 28, 2020

By: Philip Stevens

studio drift presents ‘EGO’, a large-scale moving block, handwoven from 16 kilometers (10 miles) of reflective japanese fluorocarbon. the project forms part of a modern interpretation of one of the world’s oldest operas — l’orfeo. as this was the first time that a block this size has been woven, studio drift had to develop its own weaving loom. during the performance, a puppeteer directs the block live via algorithms and software so that it is completely aligned with the dancers and singers. as the object changes shape and state, it conveys the shifting perspectives of the opera’s protagonist.

l’orfeo, a major multidisciplinary performance — collaboratively created by director monique wagemakers, choreographer nanine linning, and artist lonneke gordijn (studio drift) — premiered in the netherlands on january 28, 2020. ‘developing this opera in a close collaborative process with director monique wagemakers and choreographer nanine linning opened up my eyes for the magical possibilities of a theater setting and made me re-think the role of the public and its importance in our work,’ explains lonneke gordijn, who founded studio drift with ralph nauta in 2007.

‘another world is created in which an entire group is immersed simultaneously,’ gordijn continues. ‘techniques can be used that create visual effects that are impossible in a ‘real’ situation. stimulating all the senses with amazing power and impact. it was a delight to be introduced to this new world and I feel inspired to explore in more depth how we can bring and audience through an emotional journey with artworks outside of the theater or gallery space. in this process we enhanced each other, puzzling together to sculpt an experience where dance, music, voice, sculpture and technology become one voice.’

Source: Design Boom

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