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Six Must-See Exhibitions In Chelsea This Summer

May. 5, 2021

By Francesca Aton

Robert Polidori at Kasmin
Through May 15

Robert Polidori’s large-scale color photographs capture some of the most striking frescoes among the ruins of Pompeii. The documentary images evoke spiritual and psychological themes tied to shelter and a sense of place that Polidori has investigated throughout his forty-year career.

Lamar Peterson at Fredericks & Freiser
Through June 4

“Left Foot, Right Foot”

Minneapolis-based artist Lamar Peterson’s vibrant candy-colored paintings and works on paper depict versions of himself walking—an activity he began to process the pandemic and the death of George Floyd. While some works display passionate bursts of self-expression, others appear removed and integrate repetitions of his figure in various landscapes. In grappling with grief, this present-day flâneur captures a striking tension between stark reality and emotive possibility.

Pedro Reyes at Lisson Gallery
Through June 19


In Pedro Reyes’s show “Tlali,” its title adapted from the Aztec word for “earth,” the Mexico City–based artist and activist uses the visual language and symbols of pre-Columbian civilizations in a new series of 14 carved-stone sculptures and 11 drawings to offer an alternative perspective on the cultural foundations of the American continent.

Leslie Wayne at Jack Shainman Gallery
Through June 19

“The Universe Is on the Inside”

Scraping, folding, cutting, and layering are among the techniques Leslie Wayne employs to create the surfaces of her oil paintings. Her depictions of mundane objects—a wardrobe, a window, her own likeness in a mirror selfie—suggest instability and unlikely movement, thereby highlighting the power of perception and memory.

Terry Winters at Matthew Marks Gallery
Through June 25

Recalling computation, architecture, and genetic helices, Terry Winters’s complex compositions combine elements from abstract art and mathematical systems. This exhibition features nine new paintings as well as a selection of works on paper that feature colorful, overlapping biomorphic forms

Franklin Evans at McEnery Gallery
Through July 30


Franklin Evans’s paintings and installations have long explored the artist’s studio, with references ranging from Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard to Laura Owens and Kerry James Marshall. Akin to an art historical lexicon, his latest paintings address the theme of originality through an array of jumbled maximalist configurations. An illustrated catalogue with an essay by A.i.A. contributor Raphael Rubinstein accompanies the show.

Source: Art in America

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