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Robin Broadbent book signing at Dashwood Books

Apr. 25, 2017

This is the first major monograph by Robin Broadbent, one of the most highly regarded still life photographers of the past decade.  He is sought out for his exquisite photographs that have a sense of playful rigor. Broadbent’s acute knack for identifying and capturing the glancing profile of an object, combined with a universal photographic language rooted in 20th century Modernism is an essential part of the character of his work.  

In the structure of the book, Broadbent uses a complex and nuanced language of color and scale, guile and humor, to play with our preconceptions of fashion, form and abstraction. Dissected into two halves – the first on a white background, the second on a high gloss black background – this further alters the book’s narratives; exploding and imploding in an interior world suggesting these images have a meaning more than the sum of their content.

Dashwood Books signing for

The Photographic Work of Robin Broadbent 
Published by Damiani

Hardcover / first edition 

Price $50

Wednesday April 26th
From 6-8 pm

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