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Robert Polidori at Paul Kasmin Gallery | 1
Robert Polidori at Paul Kasmin Gallery | 2

Robert Polidori at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Sep. 8, 2016

Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition of acclaimed photographer Robert Polidori.

This exhibition will be the first U.S. show to feature Polidori’s “dendritic cities” images, a body of work begun in 2007. He appropriates the term “dendritic” from the branching extensions of a cell structure and uses it to describe the auto-constructed cities (as opposed to pre-planned urban developments) that have appeared as a result of industrialism in cities around the world, including Amman, Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro. The exhibition will feature three monumental photographs taken in India, including an expansive mural of a street in Mumbai known locally as “60 Feet Road.”

Coinciding with the exhibition, Steidl will be releasing two new publications: Hotel Petra and 60 Feet Road (Bhatiya Nagar Facades), which focuses entirely on the single photograph of the city block.   Texts by the photographer are included in both books. 

Ecophilia / Chronostasis by Robert Polidori on view from September 8 to October 15, 2016 at 515 W. 27th Street.

Source: Paul Kasmin Gallery

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