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Miu Miu Fall 2017 Fashion Film is a Roaring 20s Escape – Art Directed by Giovanni Bianco

Aug. 11, 2017

For their Fall 2017 fashion film Miu Miu takes us down south and back in time to New Orleans and the roaring Jazz Age of the 1920’s. We follow a powerful posse of women fronted by actress Naomie Harris and supermodel Kate Moss decked out in faux furs and bedazzled dresses as they venture to the birthplace of jazz and turn up in the bayou with the help of the Preservation Hall Brass Band.

The set-up appears to be that the group of women are going to a screening of their own film, as though they made a mini-movie about their adventures in New Orleans and now they’re getting all dressed up to go see it. We quickly cut between shots of the girls sitting in the movie theater, partying at a small jazz club with a brass band and living it up in the bayou. This rapid, jumpy editing style and direction from Alasdair McLellan perfectly fits the aesthetic and feel of the film as just like the greatest jazz tracks of the roaring twenties, it is a perfect balance of wild chaos and careful, deliberate craftsmanship.

Miu Miu’s Fall 2017 film does what any fashion film should aspire to do, it creates a distinct, easily recognizable aesthetic and fully engrosses its audience in that aesthetic taking them to a unique time and place where they can experience something exciting. The film takes a simple premise and idea and executes it well taking the viewer back in time to a mini-world that they can fully escape into and inhabit.

Agency | GB65
Creative Director | Giovanni Bianco
Director | Alasdair McLellan
Models | Naomie Harris, Kate Moss, Kesewa Aboah, Jean Campbell, Eliza Cummings, Adwoa Aboah, Jasmine Daniels, Rose Daniels, Lily Nova, & Missy Rayder
Stylist | Katie Grand
Set Design | Stefan Beckman
Hair | Anthony Turner
Makeup | Diane Kendall

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