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Koto Bolofo – Goodwood Style, A Photographic Style | 1

Koto Bolofo – Goodwood Style, A Photographic Style

Sep. 3, 2019

At Connolly from September 4th 2019

South African photographer Koto Bolofo is prized for his ability to present honest beauty. He sees the world through a pinhole of colour and shape, while placing a premium on every image captured.

The Tale of Goodwood Style begins in July 2004, where Koto happened to be doing a fashion shoot for Italian Vogue using the backdrop of the racing circuit of Goodwood revival with beautiful elegant long-legged fashion models.

“I recall the Duke coming to introduce himself on my shoot and observing what I was doing. During one session photographing the models, Lord March kindly invited me to come to Goodwood Revival Festival and photo document the spectacular event which was to take place in September 2004.

On my arrival, a new world lay in front of my eyes, with my ears burning to the sound of beautifully designed, one of a kind magnificent VROOM! VROOMS! The revving sounds of these cars was bliss to my ears, peace of mind. With my Hunger and thirst to capture this unique moment with my camera, the hunt was on.

A paradise of Bugattis, Maseratis, ferocious roaring Jaguars, Stag Triumphs, Blazing Mustangs, Cobras, Sting Ray Corvettes and even the classic Beetle.
This was an automobile animal Kingdom simply called HEAVEN!”
Koto Bolofo


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