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Iris Van Herpen At The Bazaar Capsule: “I believe science can inspire fashion” | 1

Iris Van Herpen At The Bazaar Capsule: “I believe science can inspire fashion”

Oct. 11, 2019

By: Milli Midwood

For day three of the #BazaarCaspule at Mall of the Emirates, Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen joins Salma Awwad on stage to talk fashion and futurism.

Salma Awwad: So what you think of the fashion scene in Dubai? 

Iris Van Herpen: It’s really exciting. I love how open minded people are. There is a lot of craftmanship belended with technology. It’s really going on here.

SA: Where did your journey into futurism begin?

IVH: I think it’s really beautiful when technology and fashion come together. Technology can really elevate and change craftmanship.

SA: Do you see your designs more as fashion or art?

IVH: I believe Haute Couture is the art of fashion. It’s the place where dreams come true. It’s the place where dreams can come true.

SA: Tell us about your latest collection?

IVH: It was very driven by natural and philosophy. The A/W collection is a balance of these rolls. I was really inspired by an American arist Anthony Howe, who creates scultures that move in the wind. I also used to do classical ballet, which is why I’m always inspired to create movement in my pieces.

SA: You are only one of 10 designers who can call their brand Haute Couture. 

IVH: I feel really honoured to be part of the couture board. I love that it’s bringing classic haute couture from the past century into the future.

SAWhere do you see the future of fashion?

IVH: I’m excited to be a fashion designer at the moment. Freedom of exploring identity and inclusivity is really big now. Sustainability is becoming more important as well, which I’m excited about.

SA: You’ve had so many celebrities wear your clothes. Is there anyone who hasn’t worn your creations that you would love to see?

IVH: I really admire Nathalie Portman.

SA: What advice would you give budding fashion designers?

IVH: I think it’s really important to do something different. Think about what you want to express and add to the world of fashion. I think the new generation wants to change the industry and create a new language within fashion. I think there are so many new ways of craftmanship to be explored as well. Just think purely from your heart and don’t try to copy anyone.

SA: What is the legacy you hope to leave behind?

IVH: I want to give beauty and elegance to the world and the women I dress. When I look back at my work when I’m older, I hope that I will have shaped the industry, and created a diverse space. I want to add to the evolution of fashion. I hope that I can show that craftmanship and technology are not opposite, they go together. I believe science can inspire fashion.

SA: Plans for the future? 

IVH: We have only explored 5 per cent of the water of our seas. That’s how I see fashion. We have a whole world to explore and I’m eager to see what’s out there.

Source: Harper Bazaar Arabia

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