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Closet Tour with GQ’s Jim Moore

Apr. 30, 2020

By Leah Faye Cooper

Of all the invitations that have been extended to us over the years, few have caused as much excitement as the one to Jim Moore’s home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The former creative director of GQ and current creative director at large, Moore has spent 40 years with the title, styling movie stars, athletes, musicians, and politicians for covers and editorials now deemed iconic. A St. Paul native who moved to NYC in the late ’70s for college, he’s influenced men across the globe to hone and elevate their personal style—be it in jeans and a t-shirt or an impeccably tailored suit—and his status as an editorial and fashion legend is one that was earned through decades of persistence and curiosity.

“As an intern at GQ [in 1979], I was doing things that were not fashion-related. I was on the business side, stuffing envelopes,” Moore tells us from his airy, tastefully appointed living room. “But at night I would migrate into the fashion department and help unpack the bags and get the trunks ready for the big shoots. I would start organizing the socks in the drawers by color; I would do anything to make myself indispensable. I really loved it and wanted to work for the fashion department more than anything.”

That dream would later come to fruition when Moore was hired full-time as a fashion assistant, and as the magazine and its reach grew, so did his role. Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, and LeBron James are among those Moore has outfitted for GQ, and when he decided to immortalize his most memorable shoots in a coffee-table book, Hunks & Heroes, it was longtime friend and collaborator Kanye West whom he tapped to write the foreword.

Throughout the course of our afternoon with Moore, he walked us through his wardrobe, explained why he dresses in a uniform, and shared what he’s been up to since leaving his full-time post at Condé Nast last year.

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