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Anthony Goicolea at the Armory Art Fair

Mar. 5, 2019

This week Anthony Goicolea will be debuting 4 new sculptures at The Armory Art Fair with Galerie Ron Mandos from Amsterdam in booth 722. Thursday the 7th of March at 4 pm the artist will be hosting a small discussion group as part of Galerie Mandos’ “Daily Focus” to answer questions about the new sculptures and paintings on display.

The hybrid photo-based sculptures consist of granite-like stones bisected with thick slabs of rectangular acrylic inserts. Rear-mounted to the clear acrylic-resin slabs are blurred and grainy archival arrest photos of “sexual deviants” (i.e. LGBT people) from the 1930’s-1960’s. The portraits are derived from a time in history in which homosexuality was widely regarded as a punishable crime or a perverse psychotic illness.

Embedded into the stones and mostly obscured, these portrait mugshots cannot be seen straight-on. Instead, they must be viewed in the refracted reflections visible through the angled sides of the thick polished acrylic-resin surfaces. The difficulties and struggles of these individuals’ lives are mirrored in the ghostly refracted images and in the same obscured anonymity in which they lived as outcasts rejected by society and hidden from view.

As a complimentary counterweight to the sculptures, the Artist will also be showing a selection of “Anonymous Self-Portrait” works in the rear cabinet as well as a portfolio of collages and works on paper.

In addition to the Armory Art Fair, Anthony Goicolea has been curated into this year’s Spring/Break Art Show by Jennifer Dalton and Jen+Kevin McCoy. The show is titled “TVGUIDE” and Focuses on the meta-space of the narrative genre by way of artists who traffic in the extra shimmer of recognition that genre brings to the image.

I am happy to have been curated into this year’s SPRING/BREAK Art Show by Jennifer Dalton and Jen + Kevin McCoy. The show is entitled “TVGUIDE” and focuses on the metaspace of narrative genre by way of artists who traffic in the extra shimmer of recognition that genre brings to the image.

March 5th – 11th, 2019
866 United Nations Plaza, 48th St & 1st Ave Room S13

VIP FIRST LOOK & PRESS PREVIEW: Tuesday, March 5th 11am – 4pm

VIP OPENING NIGHT: Tuesday, March 5th 4pm – 8pm

REGULAR SHOW DAYS: Wednesday – Monday, March 6th-11th, 11am – 7pm

Source: Ron Mandos

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