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Alert collab: Coco Capitán and Biotherm commit to the oceans | 1
Alert collab: Coco Capitán and Biotherm commit to the oceans | 2

Alert collab: Coco Capitán and Biotherm commit to the oceans

Mar. 29, 2021

By: Melanie Defouilloy

Biotherm x Coco Capitán

The health of phytoplankton, the source of more than half of terrestrial oxygen, is directly impacted by climate change . Hence this aphorism signed by the artist, which can be found stamped on the bottles of 4 best-selling formulas: “HOW DO YOUSAIL BREATHE WITHOUT THE SEA? ”.

Vogue: What does the ocean mean to you?

Coco Capitan: Freedom.

Why is the element of water so important to you that it has been found throughout your art since your beginnings?

I have always lived by the water in Spain , and I did a lot of water sports as a child. It must be said that I have always been attracted, almost magnetically, by the sea and its universe: from swimmers, to boats, including all shades of blue. I think it’s ultimately very human to be drawn to water, as if it’s embedded in our DNA. Maybe my ancestors had a direct connection to the ocean ? I’m not sure, but I’m sure I’m intimately connected with this element. It is very present in my daily life and it has never stopped inspiring my work as an artist since …

If you had to choose just one, which photograph pays homage to the ocean the most?

A New Kind Of Freedom.

What was the creative process to arrive at this aphorism found on Biotherm bottles?

I wanted to educate people about the critical importance of the oceans, and how phytoplankton has a direct impact on our survival. When we started to work together on this collaboration, my first thought was: “ How to sail without the sea? ”Because I have always loved water sports. Then I realized that if we ran out of sea, navigation shouldn’t be our main concern. I’m not sure everyone is aware that phytoplankton are responsible for 50% of the oxygen in the earth. Ultimately, everything is linked. Hence the aphorism “ How do yousailbreathe without the sea? ”If we destroy the oceans, we will certainly no longer have the pleasure of sailing, but above all, it will have an irreparable impact on us. There is nothing more vital for humans than being able to breathe.

Apart from this collaboration with Biotherm, how do you get involved on a daily basis for the preservation of the oceans?

I try to reduce my plastic consumption as much as possible. I recycle . And I try not to take from the earth, which I don’t need to survive. My latest projects are almost all connected to the preservation of the planet. My main goal is to make as many people as possible aware of the current situation. But I see it more as a duty as a citizen, than a commitment as an artist. In 2021, I think everyone is an activist. I want to be part of it, and participate in my own way, through my art and my voice.

Source: VOGUE

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