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Yi Zhou

Yi Zhou is a young Chinese artist who has lived in Rome from the age of ten and studied between London and Paris with a degree in Political Science and Economics. She is a polyglot artist, who’s just celebrated her 10-year career and whose work has been shown at the Shanghai biennale, the Venice Biennale and the Sundance Film Festival.

Yi Zhou was named as the first artist-ambassador to ever endorse a beauty brand, Clarins, from 2010 to 2011. Loved by luxury brands for her multi-disciplinary range as an artist, since 2012, she has also started collaborations with brands such as Italian luxury eyewear brand, Persol, for which she directed a much hyped short film and at the same time, was also selected to be featured in their ad print campaign. Moreover, she has also completed a new project entitled “Interactive lives” commissioned by Italian luxury brand, Hogan.

Her range and interests have also been shown through her much-acclaimed collaboration with the French couture jewelry house Gripoix, with a first successful artist-collection entitled “Pineapple’s Secret”.

Since 2010 she relocated back to China and founded her studio and production company in Shanghai, creating job opportunities for young Chinese people to work and experiment together on international projects. An image maker and muse, switching from the front and the back of the camera, Yi Zhou is a modern-day Chinese Hitchcock, Yoko Ono and Cindy Sherman. Currently, Yi Zhou is also Tudou.com’s (Chinese would-be youtube) art-director and serves as art and fashion advisory member at Sina.com (which owns Chinese twitter). Thanks to the wide range of her works and interests, she was selected as part of the women’s forum and a speaker at TEDx Paris.