Sarah Moon

Now and Then

Sarah Moon’s works have been exhibited in museums and galleries around the globe, including at the Center of Photography, New York, the Maison Européene de la Photographie, Paris, the Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Royal College of Art, London.

The book was published on the occasion of the most comprehensive retrospective exhibition in the House of Photography of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Germany. It has an embossed cardboard cover with linen spine, a separate image leaf is shrinkwrapped onto the cover.


Moon made her name in haute couture fashion photography with luxurious and mysterious compositions. This gorgeous volume brings together that work with her other images in an exciting first retrospective. In the fashion work, her models are studious and disengaged, often turned away or intentionally blurred themselves transformed to a compositional element. Images of animals, portraits, still lifes, and wonderful landscapes both rural and urban fill out her oeuvre. In her black-and-white images, Moon (also a filmmaker) masterfully tends the edges of darkness where the merest hints of light create detail, texture, and form. Her tasty color work is highly saturated and grainy. Innovative, witty, and seductive, Moon’s photographs draw the viewer into a dream world, at once soothing and vaguely troubled like the opening of a storm. Everything a great art book should be, this volume makes apparent Moon’s original contribution to photography over the last 30 years. Highly recommended for large public and academic photographic departments, the book may be of special interest to clothing design/fashion collections.


In a visual rendering like no other, Creative Editions proudly presents Little Red Riding Hood. Over three centuries, millions of readers the world over have come to know and love this fable of innocence undone by evil. A young country girl, ‘the prettiest creature who was ever seen,’ sets out for her grandmother’s house on a path through the heart of the forest. There she meets the wicked and hungry Wolf. But it is only upon reaching her destination that Little Red Riding Hood learns-too late-of the Wolf’s treachery. In bold and unforgettable style, Sarah Moon’s striking photographs combine with Charles Perrault’s classic text to form a dark, contemporary portrayal of Little Red Riding Hood’s ill-fated journey.