Maripol was one of the driving forces behind the 1980’s New York art scene. Her intuitive eye quickly becoming synonymous with the sensuality that the era embodied. Armed solely with her faithful Polaroid camera, Maripol captures instantaneity and spontaneity and documents her artists friends, from Jean-Michel Basquiat and Deborah Harry to Grace Jones and Madonna. Her famous pictures bred tales that rapidly grew into urban legends. There is always a haze of nostalgia that passes over the lens. Though the camera prints out the photo just seconds after the shutter has clicked, the moment captured has passed. It is memorialized on paper, but is rooted in memory a natural celebration of the effervescence of the night and the mysteries of love. She has collaborated with various publications worldwide including Vogue Italy, Vogue Turkey, Document Journal, Ponystep and Paperlaneā€¦