Studio Lily Kwong

New York-based landscape designer Lily Kwong works at the intersection between horticulture, urban design, contemporary art, fashion and wellness, reconnecting people to nature through transformative landscape projects and site-specific botanical art installations.

Kwong uses her passion for nature, developed at an early age among the Redwood trees in Northern California, to create cultural experiences that harmonize people within the environment.

After working as a Project Director at the LVMH Miami Design District where the tropical landscape is integrated into luxury retail and artworks ranging from Sou Fujimoto’s building facade to a Buckminster Fuller dome, Lily studied sustainable design with horticulturalists from South Florida to the New York Botanical Garden. Drawing inspiration from the Land Art Movement, Lily and her eponymous next-generation landscape studio use plant life as a medium to re-imagine the urban landscape.

What sets Kwong’s work apart is how it crosses disciplines and categories: her academic background is in urban planning, but her concepts encompass a poetic spirit that ultimately creates magical, visually evocative works that connect viewers back to nature.

Employing an exit strategy for the plants she uses in each temporal installation, donating them to schools or aged-care facilities, replanting and repurposing them after their original use is completed, Studio Lily Kwong’s gift is alchemizing nature and culture into enriching environments with a focus on sustainability, social responsibility, and how we can more effectively create environmental change.