Jack Pierson

Tomorrow's Man Issue 4

The fourth volume in Jack Pierson’s (born 1960) celebrated Tomorrow’s Man artist’s-book series mixes imagery from all spectrums of the visual landscape into a single meditation on the world around us. Combining archival material with contributions by emerging and established artists, Tomorrow’s Man 4 continues on where the earlier volumes left off. This installment showcases historical pen and ink sketches by John Tottenham, hummingbird portraits by Brian Calvin, glazed ceramic constructions by Liz Larner and deadpan street shots by Trevor Hernandez (better known to many by his Instagram handle Gang Culture), plus contributions by Cali Dewitt, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Lily Stockman, Richard Tinkler and Evan Whale.

Tomorrow's Man Issue 3

This book is the third volume in Jack Pierson’s (born 1960) Tomorrow’s Man series, in which the artist has assembled an art-fueled creative collaboration that harkens back to the 13 volumes of The Yellow Book published between 1894 and 1897. Whereas the first two volumes implied an increasing density of layered imagery and included over 25 artists, Tomorrow’s Man 3 foregrounds the work of just four artists. Featured here amid erotic images of male nudes are Richard Tinkler’s delicate geometric abstractions, working in concert with Pierson’s recent series of figure studies; activist text works by Peter Fend that demand environmental justice; and a short story by Veralyn Behenna entitled “The Flavor of Your Wish,” in which an expatriate woman contemplates masculine beauty in a Greek taverna. This is the first time Tomorrow’s Man has included previously unpublished work by Pierson. The book is available in four different covers.

Tomorrow's Man Issue 2

Tomorrow’s Man 2 is a psychedelic meditation on masculinity. Highlights include sci-fi-imbued illustrations from Mel Odom, surreal assemblages from Tibi Tibi Neuspiel and geometric abstractions from Richard Tinkler. Also included are works from Dennis Balk, David Carrino, Alejandro Cesarco, David Colman, Pat de Groot, Jeff Elrod, Alex Jovanovich, Elizabeth Kley, Paulo Montiero, Dan McCarthy, OM from India and Evan Whale. Pierson does away with the conventions of the photobook genre, arranging this scrapbook with his signature irreverence and curatorial quirk.

Tomorrow's Man Issue 1

The Title, Tomorrow’s Man, comes from an infamous bodybuilding magazine from the 1950’s and 60’s. Reappropriating the publication’s title as well as its retro bodybuilding aesthetic,Pierson takes viewers on a dizzying visual journey encompassing the full spectrum of cultural references. Combining archive material with contributions from selected artist, illustrations, and writers.

Jack Pierson: The Hungry Years

The Hungry Years collects the early photographs of Jack Pierson, taken throughout the 1980s―photographs that have increasingly captured the attention of the art world since they were first editioned in 1990.

Informed in part by his artistic emergence in the era of AIDS, Pierson’s work is moored by melancholy and introspection, yet his images are often buoyed by a celebratory aura of homoeroticism, seduction and glamour. Sometimes infused with a sly sense of humor, Pierson’s work is inherently autobiographical; often using his friends as his models and referencing traditional Americana motifs, his bright yet distanced imagery reveals the undercurrents of the uncanny in the quotidian.

Fueled by the poignancy of emotional experience and by the sensations of memory, obsession and absence, Pierson’s subject is ultimately, as he states, “hope.”

For more than two decades, New York–based artist Jack Pierson (born 1960) has been using the visual languages of photography, painting, sculpture and drawing to examine intimate and emotional aspects of everyday life. Gaining recognition alongside a group of photographers known as the Boston School, Pierson explores the cultural construction of identity, including how we see and how others see us. Pierson has had numerous recent solo exhibitions and his work is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among other museums worldwide.

Jack Pierson: Angel Youth

This publication–at once a daybook, a survey (it accompanies the artist’s first exhibition in Ireland) and an artist’s book–collects eight previous publications on the American artist Jack Pierson, several of which are long out of print. Pierson was among the first photographers to print pages with the imagery bleeding out of its usual white frame, and to deploy a bleached-out and overexposed style of photography that connotes a longing for a recent but already dimming past, littered with the props and players of yesterday’s parties. By small increments, an emotional tone builds that is both warmly homoerotic and unabashedly wistful. All of these books were designed by the artist and are here reproduced in their original size and in chronological order.
Jack Pierson makes photographs, word sculptures, installations, drawings and artist’s books that excavate the emotional undercurrents of everyday life, from the intimacy of romantic attachment to the remote idolizing of the famous. Pierson has often engaged celebrity culture, refusing ironic treatment of the subject to instead confess, or seem to confess, his own attraction to the fantasy life depicted in his artworks. He has had recent solo exhibitions at Cheim & Read, New York; Alison Jacques Gallery, London and Regen Projects, Los Angeles. His work is held in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Jack Pierson Desire/Despair: A Retrospective: Selected Works 1985-2005

Like Andy Warhol and Ed Ruscha before him, Jack Pierson expresses himself through a variety of media. Drawn to stardom, melodrama, loneliness, and emotional narrative as subjects for his art, Pierson infuses his work with literal and visual references to lost love, sexual longing, faded glamour, fleeting moments, and sentimental musings.This book will contain approximately 200 works organized into five sections that echo the prevalent themes in Pierson’s oeuvre: Riches and Fame, Desire Despair, Rented Rooms, Another Time Another Place, and Ghosts. A subversive playfulness and an erotic undercurrent run throughout, especially in the photographs of men, including never-before-published celebrity portraits.Surveying more than twenty years of the artist’s career, this beautifully designed volume marks a milestone for all fans of Pierson’s art.